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Siya Choudhary

Siya is a junior at James B. Conant High School where she focuses on STEM fields, especially computer science. For the past three years, she has been developing an interest in computer science and artificial intelligence and wants to pursue these areas in her future. She has been a mentor in Comp Sci Kids since her freshman year and holds a leadership role where she helps students foster a love for computer science by educating and participating in outreach with the local elementary and middle schools. Siya also serves as the social media manager to promote awareness for the club. Recently, she has been exploring machine learning and AI to research preemptive diagnosis of cancerous skin cells by using computer vision and neural networks to classify and analyze skin lesions. Aside from computer science, she loves tennis, the arts and graphic design, for which she has won many awards. Her goal is to utilize her creativity and skills to spread equality and happiness throughout the world one step at a time. In her free time she also enjoys diving into a tub of ice cream as she binges sci-fi movies and shows!

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