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code + creativity 

Our fun and interactive workshops focus on the many creative uses of code. Our tailor-made curriculum covers a range of topics including Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Science in Movies, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

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Code Your Chances has reached girls all over the world, from our hometown of Chicago all the way to Southern India. No matter where you live or what your background is, you can code your chances!

ChicagO, IL

Code Your Chances works with many schools and after school programs in the Chicagoland area. Some of the many great organizations we have partnered with include the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, TechGirlz, CompileHer, Christopher House and Lester School. 

UNited KinGdom

Code Your Chances recently hosted a workshop at the Northampton's Historic Guildhall in honors of International Women's Day!

CYC India

Code Your Chances has a dedicated CYC India team to design and teach workshops to our students based in India. Previous partnerships in India include Educate to Empower, Seed Academy, Cornerstone International College, Teach for India, Associate of British Scholars and the British Council.

HARVARD University

Code Your Chances is working in partnership with several groups based at Harvard University including Havard WiCS and the Harvard chapter of Circle of Women.

CYC x compileher

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CYC collaborates with <compile/Her> to offer joint workshops in the Chicagoland area featuring topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. 

Princeton University

CYC teamed up with Technology for a Just Society (JuST) at Princeton University to develop a unique free, educational web platform to facilitate CYC workshops in any classroom, including in communities that are considered underfunded and underserved. This free web app has allowed CYC to reach students all over the world during pandemic school closures, including schools without zoom capabilities or online learning resources.

coding for good

University of Wisconsin,Madison

CYC teamed up with Coding for Social Good at the University of Wisconsin, Madison to develop an exciting mobile app that enables hands-on VR and AR demonstrations. This innovative technology has allowed CYC to break down traditional resource barriers and bring these opportunities into low resource classrooms. 

Vanderbilt University

CYC is working in collaboration with Change ++ at Vanderbilt University to build unique new virtual reality tools to bring free VR education and demonstrations to classrooms without computer access. We are so excited to test out these exciting new developments with our students!

Code the Change.png


CYC worked with Code the Change to launch an exciting new educational game that will take our interactive workshops to the next level!

CYC x FinPro World

CYC is excited to partner with the nonprofit FinPro World to advance financial literacy through computer programming and introduce young girls to the applications of coding in the financial world!

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