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Digital Curriculum

Are you an educator?

Contact us for our free "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" video series!


This series comprises four short videos designed to introduce students to Artificial Intelligence including the basic concepts, everyday life examples, a brief history of Artificial Intelligence and an introduction to Strong Vs. Weak Artificial Intelligence. This series uses pictures, video clips and activities to break down these topics into a format that is easily digestible for children and pre-teens. 

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Interested in how you can apply your CREATIVITY to TECH?

Code Your Chances presents "The New Age of Creativity", a free virtual workshop series for girls ages 9-14. These 30 minute online workshops are the perfect introduction to some of the creative applications of computer science. Contact us for more info!

AI Mini-Conference - Oct 10 - BIGU-WSCD-

Code Your Chances partnered with GirlUp and CoderDojo to present a free, virtual Artificial Intelligence mini-conference. The event introduced participants to the basics of Artificial Intelligence, featured interesting guest speakers from across the country and even involved some hands-on activities using AI!


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