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Alberta Yoo

Alberta is currently pursuing a Computer Science degree at McCormick school of Engineering at Northwestern University. She has taken great interest in positively reflecting the pervasiveness of technology. Alberta participated at Serif Project, which created a class scheduler used by over 7,000 Northwestern students, and joined a research sponsored by NSF developing mobile devices to help children with disabilities. This summer, she mentored students from different states to compose music by using the Python programming language, a project called, 'TunePad.' She has also taught NU students a computer programming language class as a peer-mentor (TA).

Alebrta has played violin at Northwestern Philharmonia and other youth orchestras. She likes to play mobile games and loves hot cheetos. Alberta also works as an Executive Producer & DJ at K-Sound Radio show at WNUR 89.3 FM, and gets passionately involved with environment & youth economic empowerment campaigns.

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