During this time of social distancing, Code Your Chances remains committed to making computer science education accessible and fun for students around the world. CYC recently launched two free, educational apps to help bring computer science education to all classrooms, regardless of traditional resource barriers. 


The free CYC Augmented Reality mobile app empowers students to learn about the basic concepts of Augmented Reality as well as explore unique Augmented Reality demonstrations within the app for an interactive learning experience using only a mobile phone. This allows CYC to bring hands-on tech education to schools with limited access to computers and show our students how they can apply their unique creativity to tech.

Our new mobile app helps students connect how the computer science concepts they are learning can be used to create exciting new AR games and tools that can change our world!


We are excited to announce the app will soon be updated to include VR as well!



The CYC web app is a unique free, educational web platform to teach basic coding concepts and allow educators to run computer science lessons using only a web browser. The app features both a teacher platform and a student platform, allowing teachers to ensure all students are viewing the same page, monitor engagement and view students' progress through brief quizzes. This has enabled CYC to reach students all over the world during pandemic-related school closures, including schools without traditional online learning resources.

The CYC computer game- COMING SOON!

CYC is excited to announce that we are developing an exciting new educational web-based computer game! Stay tuned for more information!